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Jack Taylor Curved Tube #8140 21 3/4" NOS

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This cycle's lack of road shock and extreme energy efficiency, due to the Magic Hands welding of Norman Taylor, and compared to any modern bike of any material, give proof to the Brothers' Motto, "Ahead of Their Time".

As the Owner learned in various rides and races on his yellow curved tube, when the road begins to slope upward, you will start to pass stronger riders if you are riding an amazing Jack Taylor Curved Tube. It is extremely rare for any bike of any year to match the frame efficiency of a Jack Taylor Curved Tube Model !!

The conservative front-end geometry typical of a Jack Taylor is combined with a long top tube(21.5"), and finishes off with a radically short rear triangle; the distance from center on the crank to the rear wheel axle is 14 7/8". The bike's wheelbase is about 38". C-C seat tube measurement is 20 3/4"; a straight line from the crank center to the top of the seat tube would measure 21 3/4". The bike fits like a 22 inch frame as the bottom bracket is high. This feature also allows the rider to pedal through a sharp turn when others in the pack are forced to coast momentarily!

This model was originally conceived by the Brothers as a fixed-wheel hill climbing single speed. Subsequently, the Owner/Importer ordered a number of them with road dropouts. Precise set-up and much practice enabled the Owner/Master Mechanic to build this bike up with a triple crankset. Others have tried and failed to duplicate this feat.

The TTT bars and stem, and the TA cranks and three chainrings have all been custom anodized black. Pivot bolts on the '79 Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear gear have been replaced with black Arnold Industry alloy bolts.
Shifting the triple chainrings is made easy with a Suntour front derailleur and Campagnolo bar-end levers. Black Mafac Promotion levers of Delrin and Mafac cantilevers give confidence on long descents as they are positive in feel and powerful in action.
The black saddle is a Brooks Professional.
The black alloy toeclip and black Binda toe straps are attached
by white delrin bolts to a pair of black minimalist composite
and steel Vittoria pedals.

Two sets of Owner/Wheelbuilder's wheels are supplied with the bike: one set of racing wheels with Nisi Sludi rims, Sanshin Gyromaster sealed bearing hubs and DT spokes, and one set of training wheels with the same Sanshin hubs and Sun CR16 rims. Dropout width is 126mm. Do not plan on changing this, nor on modifying or 'modernizing' any part of the drive train or shifting mechanism.

This New Old Stock bike has lived in the solvent and smoke filled air of Owner/Caretaker's bike shop and work space since its arrival on these shores in 1984. There are four small scratches (< 1mm) on the top tube. It appears the bike did not get its final clear coat, and there are some small, hard to see, dots of what may have been the wrong kind of wax or polish.

Dimensions :

S.T. 20.75 c-c
T.T 21.5 c-c
W.B. 38 1/4

Pick up in Chico, CA or have the bike professionally packed and shipped to your CA location for about $140

Jack Taylor Curved Tube 8140   click on a picture to enlarge
Jack Taylor Curved Tube 8140 supersize JT 8140 Head Tube Transfer supersize
Campagnolo N.R. '79 supersize JT 8140 w/custom TA crankset supersize
JT 8140 Pedal supersize Brooks Pro supersize
NISI Sludi rim on JT 8140 supersize 'Black Jack'  Curved Tube  #8140 supersize
JT 8140  Head Tube Transfer supersize JT8140  w/TTT Custom Anodized Stem and Mafac Promotion Levers supersize
JT8140  Curved Tube with Mafac Cantilever  Brakes supersize JT 8140  w/ Silca Impero pump supersize
BLACKJACK  22 supersize  

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