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Jack Taylor International #5064 22" * NOS*

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This frame was made by the brothers to take to the Annual Cycle show at Harrogate as an example of both their welding and the beautiful luster resulting from the seven coat enamel and clear coat finish, sometime in the 60's. After the show it remained in the display box they built for it, until Derby saw it sitting in a dusty niche in the Works in 1974, and had it shipped home. The words "Jack Taylor" appear a record 7 times on this frame; the four black panels with white letters are painted and are not decals. The lamp bracket is on the right side of the fork, to face the oncoming English traffic. Because of the lugless construction, the bottom bracket shell has no holes for the frame tubes. This allowed the Brothers to drill and tap a hole to take a Zerck Fitting, so the Rider could postpone bottom bracket dis-assembly and service the crank bearings with a Grease Flush instead. The frame is NEW and UNUSED except for several test rides to the coffee shop. On one of these rides it began to rain, and we learned that the chrome-leather all-weather FIBRAX brake pads work well on aluminum Super Champion rims when it is wet. The amazing ride of the bike is a result typical of Norman Taylor's world class welding skills; it is very easy to pedal, quite solid, and not at all bumpy.
Serial number is 5064. The components are new unless stated otherwise.

The rear large flange (88mm) 40 hole Airlite flip-flop hub is drilled for 15 gauge spokes and is laced to a Mod 58 rim with Stella spokes in a TLTC cross 4 pattern. Width of this hub (and rear drop-outs) is 116mm. The 36 hole Airlite front hub is laced cross three to a 27" Model 58 Super Champion rim. These British hubs are used; the wheels are new.

The bar and stem(used), brake levers, and the MK-III sidepull brakes are all made in Britian by GB; the brake pads are made by Fibrax of England. The left brake lever operates the rear brake. The GEM Chrome-Metallized handle bar tape is made in England. The used saddle is a Middlemore Swallowtail, Made in England. The used Brampton pedals are made in England. The bottom bracket cups and lockring were made by T.D.C. in England. The TA 170mm left crank arm is used. The TA right crank is connected to the custom anodized (in 1973) TA #106 43th and TA #104 52th chainwheels by the TA #175 adaptor spider. Front shifting is easily accomplished by a used Simplex 'Ballet' wireless derailleur. The steel Campagnolo Record gear fits the 1/8" x 1/2" Sedis chain. The Everest 3 cog (16-18-20th)1/8" freewheel is used. The used old style red rear reflector is held on by a metal wing-nut. A new Jack Taylor musette bag will be provided to the purchaser.

The cycle weighs about 24.5 pounds. It was assembled from the new frame on May 13 and May 14, 2010, after sitting for thirty seven more years in another dusty box.

This bike is very easy to pedal.

Jack Taylor International #5064     NOS   click on a picture to enlarge
Jack Taylor International #5064     NOS supersize JT5064-GEM Bar Tape supersize
JT5064 GB MK III sidepull w/Fibrax rain cheater pads supersize Campagnolo Record Gear on JT5064 supersize
JT 5064-Everest Freewheel 16-18-20 supersize JT5064-rear gear cable guide supersize
JT 5064  Simplex 'ballet' front derailleur supersize JT5064-Middlemore Swallowtail supersize
JT 5064  Middlemore  Made in England supersize JT 5064-Lamp Bracket supersize
JT 5064 with Lamp by the Hun supersize JT 5064 supersize
JT5084  Tubing Transfer supersize JT 5064  Head Tube Transfer supersize
JT 5064  Chainstay  Transfer supersize Jack Taylor International  22" supersize
JT 5064 LJ Simplex Front Changer supersize Good for the rain, steel or alloy rims supersize
JT 22 clubman red supersize  

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