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JT 7492 Rough Stuff Model + JT7852 Rann Trailor

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The 'Rough Stuff' model was first produced by the Brothers in 1953, and was made from the 1-1 drawings a Nature Photographer drafted and gave to them. Camera equipment was heavy; and he wanted to take it back country in the "roof stoof" It has the major design elements of a modern mountain bike: small diameter wheels, a high bottom bracket, a sloping top tube, cantilever brakes. and triple chainrings. Derby ordered one in 1973 but as it took almost 5 years to arrive, it saw only a year's use before being replaced by a mountain bike.
It is equipped with a TA Triple crank with Lyotard Pedals and doubled Christophe clips; Mafac Brakes and Levers, Campy Bar-end shifters, Campy NR Rear Gear, Suntour Surpurbe Front Changer, Wheels by Derby King with 650B Super Champion Rims. The front wheel has a Campy Track hub drilled to 48* and the rear wheel sports 36 spokes of 10 and 11 gauge. Frame size is 22.5" and the top tube is 21" long.
The Trailor has been little used and has seen a little abuse;
it is missing a nut and the dropouts were stressed from overloading.

JT7492  Rough  Stuff  Model w/ 650B Wheels and JT7892  One Wheel Trailor   click on a picture to enlarge
JT7492  Rough  Stuff  Model w/ 650B Wheels and JT7892  One Wheel Trailor supersize JT7492  Head Tube supersize
JT 7492  w/ Lyotard  pedal, Nervar arm and TA  triple chainrings supersize JT 7892  Trailor supersize
Lyotard  Pedal and doubled/re-riveted Christophe Clips, Binda strap supersize JT7492  D/T Stop for 3rd brake;  H.D. Crown, tangs at top of blade supersize
JT7492  Campy Track Hub on S.C. 48* rim, built by Derby King supersize JT 7492  Chainstay Cable Stop for 3rd brake and Lefoil Mudguard supersize
JT 7492  Serial Number on Frame and Rack supersize  

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