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JT 7358 Tourist Model 22.5" Yellow Enamel

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This frame was imported by Derby in the 1970's to replace the one ruined by a pick-up truck in Arizona while D.S. was riding it. It was only used for a few short rides before being retired. Some of the components had been used for 2 or 3 years on his first Tourist, and had been selected for longevity and reliability. The new wheels were built by Derby using Sanshin Gyromaster sealed bearing hubs, Super Champion rims and DT spokes. These hubs were the first sealed bearing production hubs on the market, user servicable (they won't need any) and more reliable then the phil ones. Campy steel pedals were installed on a TA triple, and coupled to a Regina freewheel. Shifting system consists of the steel Simplex D/T levers and a Campagnolo Ralley rear gear. Bars and stem are TTT, brake levers are the Mafac 2000, which fit small hands, and the brakes are Mafac cantilevers. Before the bike went to its new good home (on 02-02-2010)it was fit with new TA chainwheels of 49-44-26, a size more appropriate to the use of its rider, A.C. The original Simplex AV3-SC front changer was replaced with a Campagnolo 980 at the same time.

JT7358   Super  Tourist   Model with Racks   click on a picture to enlarge
JT7358   Super  Tourist   Model with Racks supersize JT7358   Serial   Number  on Racks and Dropout supersize
JT7358   with Mafac Cantilever Brakes and Brooks Saddle supersize JT 7358  with TTT Bar and Stem,  Mafac  Promotion  Levers supersize
JT 7348  Nervar Cranks with TA Rings, Simplex Av3-SC  Front Changer supersize JT 7358  with super Champion Rims and  Sanshin Sealed Hubs supersize
JT 7358  with Campagnolo Rallye Rear Gear supersize JT 7358  with Campy Steel Pedals, Binda Straps, and  Christophe Clips supersize
JT Tourist Model   23.5"  Yellow supersize JT7358  Tourist  Rear Rack  and Brooks Saddle supersize

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