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Jack Taylor International, serial # 5054

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This one-owner bike was imported as a frame by Derby around 1972, built up, and sold to Michael L., who traded it in some years later. The bike was maintained by Derby while it was in use. The low serial number indicates the frame was welded together about 1965-6. The frame measures 23 1/2" CTT, as the Brothers sized them, and is 22 5/8" CTC.
All parts except the saddle are original. The wheels are made by Derby, using Super Champion rims. Note the Milremo decal on the rim and the Milremo name stamped on the Normandy hub; this private labeling was done for the Ron Kitching company of England.
The bike was fit with a Cinelli handlebar and a TTT stem that Derby had custom anodized and then it was drilled to pass the brake wire and serve as a front brake hanger. Simplex shift levers were used with a Huret front changer and a Suntour rear gear. The braking system includes Weinnman levers with Mafac 'Racer' brakes. Note also the extra bolts on the Stronglight 99 crank's large chainwheel; these are to prevent the chain from falling between the outer ring and the crank arm.

Jack Taylor International #5054   click on a picture to enlarge
Jack Taylor International #5054 supersize JT 5054  Reynolds '531' decal supersize
JT 5054 w/ Stronglite 99  triple crank and Huret front changer supersize JT 5054 w/ Milremo labeled rim (Super Champion) supersize
JT 5054 w/ Milremo front hub and rim supersize JT 5054 w/ Cinelli bar and TTT custon anodized and drilled stem supersize
JT 5054 serial number supersize Jack Taylor 5054   Headtube Decal supersize

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