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Wylie's restored Jack Taylor wheels

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These are the wheels Derby built for the restoration of Wylie's
Jack Taylor. The frame was imported by Derby in 1977, built up, and sold in 1978. Wylie is its second owner.
The wheels consist of a new pair of Campagnolo High Flange hubs laced onto Campagnolo Montreal rims. This 447g box semi-areo rim has a conservative and classic look that goes well with the 27 year-old Jack Taylor. Besides having the strength needed for the high spoke tension found on a Derby King wheel made for a large rider aand a full touring load, these rims have very little hop at the joint, allowing a rounder wheel to be built. The radial lace front uses DT Alpine 13/14 gauge spokes. Spoke tension on this wheel averages 244Lbf per spoke. The rear wheel is a cross three TLTC design, at rest the static spokes average about 30Lbf more tension than the pulling spokes. The drive side static spokes, the tightest ones on this wheel, average an incredible 330Lbf per spoke.

Wylie's Jack Taylor Tourist front wheel   click on a picture to enlarge
Wylie's Jack Taylor Tourist front wheel supersize Wylie's Jack Taylor Tourist  wheel supersize

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