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Hi-E 24-12 Hi-Low hub with Martano tubular rim

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This Vintage wheel is an example of how good design elements cannot completely overcome bad design elements. The drive side high flange assures the spokes already tight from wheel dish will be tighter and the low flange on the non-drive side assures the spokes left loose from the dishing will be looser. Not a good idea, as the high flange should have been on the non-drive side. But. The hub designer attempted to overcome this deficiency by using 24 spokes on the drive side and 12 on the non-drive side, the theory being that the six extra drive side spokes will reduce some of the load of those other (relatively) overburdened spokes, and that loose non-drive spokes will be tighter with one third of their number gone. Your wheel designer carried this idea a little farther by using a 2 cross lace pattern on the non drive side; as a lower cross number means a shorter spoke, it also means a tighter one. In a similar fashion the drive side is a 5 cross pattern, not normally possible on a 36 hole rim. However, wheels with higher cross numbers have longer (and looser) spokes and thus lower lateral strength (and better torque load capability, the two are a trade-off).

Hi-E Hi-Low hub-detail   click on a picture to enlarge
Hi-E Hi-Low hub-detail supersize Vintage Wheel with Hi-E Hi-Lo 24/12 hub and Martano tubular rim supersize

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