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Preciray Trueing Stand

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This stand enables the less experienced wheel builder to quickly get very good results.

The builder with some experience will find he can now make wheels that are rounder, straighter, and more evenly tensioned in less time.

The high production wheel builder who knows how to count and has a spiral drive ratcheting screwdriver can make a lot of very decent product in a short time.

If the purchaser glues a piece of a Metric ruler to the sliding swivel plate mounted on the swing arm at the bottom of the stand, dishing the wheel will be faster than Derby's expediency of flipping the wheel. This piece always seems to fall off and get lost, the only bad thing he could think to say about a rare tool that helped him to get paid for thousands of wheels.
The second photo(of a different stand) is included to show the adjustment screw for fine tuning the up-and-down pointer reading. The adjustment knob for the left-and-right pointer is located on the underside of the white plate, below the pointer.

Pick up in Chico, CA

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how good can it get supersize TLTC wheel for 24" Cruiser in Preciray Trueing stand supersize

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