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Vintage Unused Trispoke Wheel Campagnolo/Super Champion

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A Super Champion Arc-en-Ciel 330g tubular rim with a Campagnolo Nuovo Record hub, 120mm spacing. Tri-spoke means there are only three kinds of spokes in this lacing : All static drive side and 6 static/12 pulling non-drive side. In most rear wheels, the disparity of tension between drive side pulling and non-drive side static spokes increases under torque loads. With the tri-spoke lace pattern that disparity is reduced since all drive side spokes become looser with a torque load (they are not radial!), and the non-drive pulling spokes (the loosest ones in this wheel) become tighter. Having only six static spokes on the non-drive side, and the fact that they are closer to tangency than the 18 drive-side static spokes, will mean their rest state tension is higher, and thus their minimum tension - that occurs with a torque load (and when they are on the bottom) - will be higher, thus avoiding one of the common causes of spoke failure. Also the maximum tension endured by a spoke will be less, as the tightest spokes become looser under a torque load. This is a marked contrast to the way many wheels are made today : As an ineffective strategy to avoid the consequences of poor hub design (most all hubs are) and undertensioned wheels (most all wheels are),one of those consequences being the failure of the non-drive static spokes, the non-drive spokes now are all laced radial. They do not get looser under torque, true; the torque appears as a shear force across the diameter of the spoke head. However that torque load formerly shared by those non-drive static spokes is now borne by the drive side spokes, resulting in a higher peak load on the already overstressed drive-pulling spokes.
So, here is your chance to own an unusual wheel of advanced design that is over 25 years old (NOS).

US Shipping: west of Mississippi River,$8.60
East of the River,$12.86

Arc_en_Ciel-Ca-Trispoke   click on a picture to enlarge
Arc_en_Ciel-Ca-Trispoke supersize TRI-Spoke Wheel  with Arc-en Ciel rim by Super Champion   (TLTC wheel) supersize

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