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Kona King Kahuna TITANIUM Five Speed

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This KONA mountain bike has been set up as a townie with five speeds and skinny tires. It has a TITANIUM frame, fork, BB spindle, crank arm fixing bolts, handlebar, saddle rails, water bottle cage and cage bolts and it weighs 19.6 pounds. Most of these TI ITEMS ARE MADE IN THE US. It is equipped with a very rare Everest alloy freewheel with 5 cogs (actually a six speed freewheel; we used five cogs due to space restrictions and are saving the outer cog). The rear derailleur is a Huret Jubilee. The TA cranks are 170mm long. The handmade wheels are laced very tight and use DT 14G spokes with brass nipples. The 36* rear hub is a high flange Sanshin with sealed bearings; the front hub is a Campy Nouvo Tipo and it is one of the only used parts on the bike. Yes, the frame and fork are also NEW! We were informed the welders who made these limited production frames and forks also have spent time welding jet fighter wings and have the highest skill level in the field. This is easily noticed by the minimal effort needed to attain and keep a high speed.

Kona King Kahuna   click on a picture to enlarge
Kona King Kahuna supersize Kona with TI bars and TTT stem supersize
Kona with Ideale 90 Titano saddle and Ideale TI clamp supersize  

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