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Ideale 90 Titane Saddle Brown -Titanium Rails

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This beautiful brown saddle was used for a while, 30+ years ago. Evidence of the use can be seen in the two small depressions the rider's bones made at the rear of the seat. Note there is no flaring of the saddle's sides, nor is there any indication that this one has started to get 'sway-backed'. There are no tears near the rivets, or anywhere else. Since that time of use, it has acquired numerous small nicks from its tumbles in the Saddle Box. The leather of the Ideale 90 Titane is embossed with the words 'rodee main salon' and signed "Rebour" in the manner of his line drawings. The yellow sticker on the underside says 'Ideale "titane" ' and appears to claim a weight saving of 43% through the use of the titanium rails. The frame of the saddle does not have that 'steely look', nor does the tensioning bolt either... However, the tension bolt nut does seem to attract a magnet, unlike any other part of the saddle. The actual weight of the saddle is 407 grams. Please see the photos.

Ideale 90   click on a picture to enlarge
Ideale 90 supersize Ideale 90 Brown with TI Rails supersize
Ideale 90 Brown with TI rails supersize Rebour Approved supersize
Ideale 90 Titano supersize Ideale 90 w/ TI rails supersize
IDEALE TITAINUM SADDLE supersize Ideale 90 Titane Rebour embossed supersize

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