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This beat up and cool old box houses about one half of our Regina cog collection. The cogs are for Regina Extra freewheels of the Corsa and Oro models for 3,4,5, and 6 speeds.
Regina introduced 12th cogs and seven speeds in 1979; hence
there were none in this mid 70's cog case.
The selection available is more suitable for maintaining the freewheels of ordinary riders rather than for Eddie to use in the kermesse. For a show bike ratio freewheel, see our other Regina pages.
We can replace the worn cogs on your old freewheel or , in some cases, change it to a have a different number of cogs, i.e. 4 or 6 speeds. Choices on the middle cog of a 5 speed, which regina calls 'position 2' are limited (e.g. no more 17's or 18's). Any 6 speed we assemble must have an 18 tooth cog on the third from the outside position,i.e. the 3rd cog must be a pos 8-18th. Other limitations exist.

Regina Corsa and Oro cogs will also fit many of the old Atom freewheels that were imported to the US in the 70's and also came as original equipment on many French bikes. Some of them will fit Everest freewheels. Please Note:We have no cogs for Regina America freewheels as, to our knowlege, none were ever imported to the US. We have no cogs or parts for Regina BX or CX freewheels either.

Splined center reginas come off easily with the right tool. However.
If your freewheel has a notched center and you wish the cogs replaced, consider sending the WHOLE WHEEL as we will be able to remove the freewheel with much less chance of damage to the notches, compared to others. We made some of our own special tools, and more have practice than most at successfully performing this type of service.

You must ship the freewheel to us for cog replacement.

Note cog replacement may be the best choice compared to a new freewheel, due to both the higher percentage of new defectives as well as ease with which these freewheels can be made to fail during the break-in period of pawls and rachet.
At the time these were in production, a used body was considered
far preferable to a new one, especially for race use, or on a tandem. We can flush-clean or dis-assemble/re-assemble your freewheel body if it has become necessary, as when it has been lubed with a product that thickens or becomes gummy, or if the bike was ridden in the rain.

Note the picture showing the back side of a Regina freewheel.
The letters 'FI' means this body is made to fit an English threaded hub. If you have one with the letters 'FF' it means it is meant to go on a French-threaded hub. A Regina freewheel with no such markings on the back is meant to fit an Italian-threaded hub. Although English and Italian threaded freewheels have the same diameter and pitch, the thread angle(the angle between the legs of the 'VVVVVV's) is different, 55 degrees, or 60 degrees, and mixing them is considered a class 'B' fit. We often did this, taking care, as the threading of the product we recieved was not properly documented and often beyond our control. With Phil hubs, use only English ('FI') Regina freewheels.

RUOTA LIBERA REGINA EXTRA   click on a picture to enlarge
Fittoratatte  Inglais supersize REGINA ORO COG 16TH POSITION 2   (FITS  CORSA)    $18.60 supersize

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