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This pair of Vintage Phil Wood hubs have been laced onto a NEW pair of 36 hole Campagnolo Delta strada XL chromium tubular rims and made into wheels by Derby King. They have never been used, nor had tires glued or taped to them. The Campy rims are known for their highest quality, are very strong, and have virtually no hop at the join, allowing Derby to make a pair of very round wheels. Original cost of these unusual rims far exceeds your cost of the wheelset. The classic box cross-section will go well with your restoration of a radical 'Golden Age' bike and are race-ready. The hub axles turn free and smooth without any gritty feeling. The shell of the front hub has a patina of fine rust from a Costal fog environment. The rear hub shell shows less rust but has a small (and old) ding. The front wheel has radial spoking for maximum strength. The rear hub is made for a five-speed freewheel and 120mm drop-outs. The spoking pattern was chosen to work around the limitations imposed by a HI-LO hub. Known to some as a tri-spoke wheel, because there are only three 'families' of spokes instead of the usual four, it has all static spokes on the drive side(one family), and both pulling and static spokes on the non-drive side(the other two families). There are only six static spokes (the other 12 being pulling spokes) on this side on the wheel. The effect of these changes is that the minimum tesion on these doubly-underloaded spokes(once by the dish, once by the small hub flange), which occurs under a torque load, is made higher. Also the very tight drive side spokes are close to their maximum load at rest; the tension on them diminishes under torque loads. The net effect is to both increase spoke lifetime and increase wheel strength. All spokes are DT stainless steel.

Tri-Spoke Wheel with Vintage Phil Wood Hi-Lo rear hub   click on a picture to enlarge
Tri-Spoke Wheel with Vintage Phil Wood Hi-Lo rear hub supersize Campagnolo Delta strada XL chromium tubular rim supersize
Phil Wood Hi-LO Hub with Tri-Spoke lacing supersize Phil Wood Front Hub with Radial Spokes supersize
CampagnoloDelta strada XL chromium tubular rims supersize  

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