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TLTC Tandem Wheel

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Here is a TLTC Lace tandem wheel a few days after it was built, on tour in Canada. The rim is the Campagnolo Montreal, known for its strength and ability to take high spoke tensions and for the fact that the join of the extrusions ends is very smooth, without the hop one sees at most rim joints. See the second photo for numbers on the tensions of the spokes and note that the non-drive static spokes, which are known to fail from being too loose, are about the same tension as the drive-side pulling spokes. Also note that under a torque load, the tensions on the spokes of each side will converge, rather than become more disparate, as is the usual case. For comparison, spoke tensions on most road wheels are in the 60-150Lbf range and when pedaled the loosest spokes get looser while the tightest ones get tighter. For the wheel shown, pedaling will cause the tighter spokes to get looser and the looser ones to get tighter (TLTC).

TLTC  Lace Tandem Wheel on tour in Canada   click on a picture to enlarge
TLTC  Lace Tandem Wheel on tour in Canada supersize TLTC documentation for Tandem Wheel supersize

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