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Bi-Spoke Handmade wheel w/Shimano Nexus 7/roller brake

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The wheel consists of a Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub (width 130mm)laced with DT Stainless 2mm spokes to a Sun Rhyno 26" mountain bike rim. This very strong rim is 26.4mm wide and will fit standard decimal-size-named ATB tires of 1.5" or greater width (eg 26x1.75). Adding 2.5mm of spacers on each side of the hub will allow it to be mounted on Cruiser bikes such as the Kona Aha or the Kona Humu One (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa).

This unusual and very robust wheel is another example of the TLTC design; however in this case the convergance of spoke tension happens when the brake is applied, rather than when the rider(s) are pedaling. That is to say, the design assumption of this wheel was that the instantaneous rate of change of braking torque is greater than the instantaneous rate of change of pedaling torque.
We have had a few of these wheels on the road for some years, with only one reported trouble: Our customer was riding his girl friend on his bike, going up a hill, and stripped out one of the planet gears on the Sturmey hub (his chainwheel was below the low limit of size as recommended by the hub maker).We replaced the gear and a key.
Included with the purchase of this wheel is the
Shimano Roller brake, one of the best modulated brakes of all times. Also included are a very rare Shimano Twist-grip shift/brake lever not usually seen in the US, and the cables and hardware.
Shipping west of Mississippi River,$18.60
East of the River,$26.86

Bi-Spoke wheel with Nexus 7 Speed/roller-cam brake hub   click on a picture to enlarge
Bi-Spoke wheel with Nexus 7 Speed/roller-cam brake hub supersize Component Set to accompany Shimano Nexus 7 spd. Bi-Spoke Wheel supersize
Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub with Bi-spoke lacing supersize  

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